Hemp & Chia Seed Oatmeal Cookies

Hemp & Chia Seed Oatmeal Cookies – you won’t believe how good these cookies are! Made with chia and hemp seed, Hemp Flour or multigrain flour.

With this recipe we have 13 ingredients and each serving is at about 1249 calories.

No Bake Crimson cheesecake with hemp seed sprinkles

From a great resource One Green Planet. This cashew cheesecake is light and fluffy, yet rich, almost like a whipped frosting. The date-almond crust of this cheesecake is so good, you'll be tempted to eat it before you even get the chance to press it into the pan. Serve this lovely cheesecake with a side of coconut whipped cream for that true "red velvet" vibe.

Sugar Pumpkin, Cranberry Hemp Muffins

Sugar Pumpkin, Cranberry Hemp Muffins
Servings: Makes one dozen
Preparation time: 30 minutes

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